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lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Here, there, and beyond: remittances in trasnational family consumption

Peñaloza, L. y Cavazos Arroyo, J. (2011)Here, there, and beyond: remittances in trasnational family consumption, en: Teoría y Praxis, No. 10, pp. 131-161. 


This research charts the multicultural nature of remittances as they impact consumption in transnational families. Using interview data, it is emphasized the importance of remittances sent by migrant workers in the U.S. to their families in Mexico in a process of family reproduction that features consumption activities and events and cultural meanings that together affect these families. Analysis highlights the cultural meanings of family motivating members to leave home to procure remittances for consumption, even as doing so changes and challenges the very viability of these families. Theoretically, this work contributes to the knowledge of remittances in an intricate web of transnational, family consumption activities and meanings, and adds to understandings of the central role of consumption in the transnational family. The research is concluded with implications for consumer researchers and public agencies concerning the place of consumption in transnational family development and well-being. 

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